All about us

RoughBounds is a research and design company based in the West Highlands. This is a simple record of our adventures  working for ourselves and working for others [usual caveats all views my own etc] …

Some recent work  in designing learning journeys . . .

Working for Open Educational Practices Scotland, a recent  Badged Open Course on Seaweed Parasites for the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (SAMS), you can view My Seaweed Looks Weird here

Working for Open Educational Practices Scotland, a recent Badged Open Course on Parkinson’s Awareness for Health and Social Care Staff with Parkinson’s UK can be found here

A free open online course specifically designed for rural entrepreneurs developed for the Open University in Scotland can he found here

Some educational research work … 

My papers on the Open Universities Open Resource Bank can be found here

My profile and presentations on SlideShare  here

My Profile, here

Some other stuff … 

Just some older Work . . .

Investigation into markets for the products and messages of prospective social enterprise (Social Marketing) for the Sunart Oakwoods Training Network

25 Walks in the Sunart Oakwoods, bi-lingual 1/3 of A4 ring bound, walks leaflet highlighting the areas cultural and natural heritage, full colour/recycled paper – now available and FREE

Tri-lingual A5 booklet for a multiagency woodlland/forestry partnership called Sgilean an Coille (large file)


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