About RoughBounds


RoughBounds is a research and design company based in the West Highlands of Scotland, specialising in using participatory approaches to work with Public and Third Sector groups to design and make solutions to complex problems

Our Work

Education Design

The design of curriculum, either for formal education providers like the work for Open Educational Practices Scotland, on Badged Open Courses for example on Seaweed Parasites for the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (SAMS), you can view “My Seaweed Looks Weird” here

 Or working with practitioners and Third Sector organisations to develop materials to inform and shape practice. For example Working for Open Educational Practices Scotland, a recent Badged Open Course on Parkinson’s Awareness for Health and Social Care Staff with Parkinson’s UK can be found here

Participation and Inclusion

Designing participatory approaches to including people in local decision making. For example  as part of the investigation into markets for the products and messages of prospective social enterprise (Social Marketing) for the Sunart Oakwoods Training Network .

Or More commonly working with Public and Third Sector groups to explore ways that people can be more involved in the design and development of approaches that they will use. For example, work with the Trust for Conservation Volunteers Scotland (TCVS) into developing approaches to encourage older people to engage in citizen science.

Or graphic design work based on participatory design approaches. For example, 25 Walks in the Sunart Oakwoods, bi-lingual 1/3 of A4 ring bound, walks leaflet highlighting the areas cultural and natural heritage, full colour/recycled paper – now available and FREE.  Or Tri-lingual A5 booklet for a multiagency woodlland/forestry partnership called Sgilean an Coille (large file)

Research and Evaluation

My papers on the Open Universities Open Resource Bank can be found here

My profile and presentations on SlideShare  here

My Academia.edu Profile, here


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