Micah P Hinson – 30thApri’07

The Central Grand in Glasgow has an unispiring exterior. Climbing flight after flight, no crowd noise, and with a whiff of bingo I tried to convince my friend that this would be better than the time we went to see Jandek in the Arches. While the support band Califone did not impress, geek chic Micah literally rocked. He has a disarming stage presence, self depricating with conciously unfunny remarks. Songs like ‘Dont You’ typically start slow – nuts and bolts 4/4 timing, bass and drums chunking along, then the wall of distorted sound that builds is ripped by Micah’s whole body screamsing – as his voice molds into the distortion. Its an incredibly visceral experience. It could all have been a bit formulaic, but these walls of sound were mixed with moments of brocken and vunerable vocals and sparse guitar work.

Great gig, not bad venue, though I have never had bottled beer out of a plastic bottle before, dont do it, it tastes awful.

Micah plays at Camber Sands on the 18th of May its to far from theroughbounds for me to go, but it would be worth a look for readers in the deep south (of england).

this review originally appeared on the bbc collective

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