Winter visit/Summer camping at Loch Arienas – Feb/May’08

The path in from Acharn takes you along the southern shore of the Loch. I first walked it in Winter. Brown and damp. It leads to Arienas Point. A closely grazed green finger that stretches out from the heaps of ordered stones. Here the Oak peters out and gives way to Ash. Here the signs of a once inhabited village.

In the spring we returned. Late afternoon, packs on backs. Stopping to admire a rotting sheep, to paddle, then eventually to set up camp on the point. Water bubbeled in the pan, hot chocolate to wash away greasy noodles and badly made custard. Later we watched the sun set over the Morvern hills. I dozed of to the sound of my four year old sons thoughts buzzing with climbed trees, ruined crofts, rivers to wade in, and fires to build.

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