Green Man Festival Aug’08

The ultimate wet weekend in Wales. From Scotland to the Brecon Beacons by public transport with a couple of backpacks and our trusted Terra Nova tents – a voyager (2 person) and a solar minor. We slept in the voyager and took erected the flysheet of the solar minor as a store for food and wet clothes.

Last year we came with kids and our family tent. Was not totally enthused by the line up this time. However James Yorkstone, King Creosote were a must see. The Fence Collective are a bunch of acoustic musicians (with occassional twiddling electronics) fae Fife. Playful in an what can be a serious beardy folk scene – KC’s set ended with a comedy song, and James Yorkston invited an Green Man regular on stage to do vocals – backing provided by his son in arms.

I was also keen to see the national – the highlight of this particular wet weekend.  I will admit to listening to this band repeatedly while cleaning the house and washing up as the kids bounce around.

Also on Sunday was Little Wings I was looking forward to this lo-fi brocken vocals set. Cool, wet, the green man cafe with smuggeled ale we expected it to be busy. Only a handful of people caught this shambolic set. Out of tune borrowed guitar, forgotten vocals, but somehow endearing, somehow despite the thin crowd and damp atmosphere it was a nice way to finish the festival.

Next year – probably not. I think we might try ‘End of the Road’

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