Educational Research

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Since about 2003 my research has touched directly or indirectly in questions of learning and education. This section explores the different strands of the research. I blog about this on a regular basis.

Open Educational Practice

Since 2013 I have been engaged in questions concerning the use of free open online learning materials.

Much of this is covered under Learning Design as the work has tended to be based on action research approaches, working directly with partners to create content.

I am also thinking about educational practice and openness. In particular:

How assumptions about pedagogic practice can become reproduced and hidden as we open up curriculum – see Open Education and the Hidden Tariff

The links between Open Educational Resources and neoliberalism – see An Uneasy Relationship: Open Education and Neoliberalism


Widening Participation

Most of my work in this area has been with the Open University in Scotland and often with Pete Cannell. Pete and I have published a series of journal articles together. Some are open access – see here

Others [unfortuntely] are not.


Working, Transitions and Learning

While my work is less focused on work and learning the lessons I have learnt, in particular about peer learning, partnership, learning for and through doing, have informed my work at a fundamental level.

You can

Here on work on Engineering

Here on College Transitions

Rural Education

I long time ago I regarded myself as a rural development researcher