Design Work

Process and Outcomes

Our design work involves making things with people. We are interested in what the things we design together enable people to do that they would not otherwise be able to do, like acquire a new skill, or give voice to hidden problems.  Thus we are deeply concerned with the process of design, and have found attending to process improves outcomes.

“Designing Things”

Education Design

The design of curriculum, either for formal education providers like the work for Open Educational Practices Scotland, on Badged Open Courses for example on Seaweed Parasites for the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (SAMS), you can view “My Seaweed Looks Weird” here

Or working with practitioners and Third Sector organisations to develop materials to inform and shape practice. For example Working for Open Educational Practices Scotland, a recent Badged Open Course on Parkinson’s Awareness for Health and Social Care Staff with Parkinson’s UK can be found here

Publishing and Graphic Design

Our graphic design work based is based on participatory design approaches. For example, 25 Walks in the Sunart Oakwoods, bi-lingual 1/3 of A4 ring bound, walks leaflet highlighting the areas cultural and natural heritage, full colour/recycled paper – now available and FREE.  Or Tri-lingual A5 booklet for a multiagency woodlland/forestry partnership called Sgilean an Coille (large file)

Thinking about Design

Reflections on Design and its Publics

I am putting together a series where I explore the who in design, in particular using novels as a way to explore different understandings of “the public”

Here is one based on “The Captive Mind by Czeslaw Milosz

Here is one based on “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe

Concerning Design and Values

Here is a post where I consider what a pedagogy of minding might be like

Here is a post consider caring in design

Concerning Design and Research

Here is a post on design and action research