Inninmore Bay – Feb ’08

The track from Ardtornish Castle in Morvern to Inninbeg on the Sound of Mull is in good order. On a bright day when winter is becoming spring we set of on our bikes. Great Northern Divers are often seen along here at this time of year, but the cycling and our timetable, do not allow dawdling. We are heading for Inninmore Bay, just where Morvern begins to curve away from Mull and towards Argyll. From Inninbeg a rough and occasionally non existent track takes you to Inninmore. The woods hang thickly on steep ground below a basalt escarpment. Even in winter you only catch glimpses of sea and rock. The woodland changes as we skirt along the path. The first section, probably planted by the estate owners, is dominated by the non native beech. After a promontory bright with primroses, we are surrounded by ash and hazel, before finally it gives way to oak and birch. Eventually this too gives way to rough hill ground. We begin our descent to the bay in search of an old sandstone quarry. Just above us an Eagle takes to the air. We watch, is it White Tailed (Sea) Eagle that has drifted over from Mull, or a Golden Eagle – ‘it’s a Goldie’. Rising up, becoming smaller and smaller until it is lost amongst the specs of matter that only seem visible to an eye trained on a pale blue sky.